24-Hour Domestic Violence Hotline
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, M.A.D. USA is available to answer questions, provide emergency outreach support, safety planning, and make referrals. All M.A.D. USA calls are always 100% confidential - we will never call you back if you decide to disconnect the call.
M.A.D. Outreach
M.A.D. USA’s Outreach program is designed to assist victims involved in or getting out of a domestic violence situation. Through our advocates and partners we also provide legal help. Our advocates will assist with preparing and filing of a temporary order of protection. M.A.D.’s advocates will also attend court hearings in support of the victim.
Bi-Lingual Program & Advocacy
M.A.D. USA is aware of the large and growing Hispanic community in the United States. We found it important that we develop a program that was culturally sensitive to the needs of Spanish-speaking Americans. M.A.D. provides a bi- lingual advocate on call with our 24-hour crisis line, and provides the same services as the Outreach program. M.A.D. USA also provides translated hand-out materials, community training and our Domestic Violence educational curriculum.
Community Education
M.A.D. USA provides community educational programs in the local community, including but not limited to work place training, faith based training, first responder training and train the trainer through our state auxiliary chapters. We believe that taking a proactive approach and providing educational training on domestic violence is the key to breaking and ending the culture of abuse.
K-12 Educational Curriculum
M.A.D. USA feels that the next generation is the way to make true changes in the culture and the future of domestic violence that plagues our nation. M.A.D. has developed an educational curriculum for grades K-12, which provides age appropriate vocabulary related to violence. We focus on teaching the young to identifying the signs of teen dating abuse; awareness of an abusive situation and how to break the cycle; to understand what a “Healthy” relationship should look like; and how to believe in themselves – to have core values, self-esteem and self-confidence.
Father to Son Program
This Program is a mentoring program designed for Middle and High School males and their fathers. The men meet on Saturday morning at a local high school or middle school for a breakfast meet and greet. The boys without a father present will be assigned a mentor. The groups are divided in order to begin the educational process of teaching the younger males appropriate behaviors related to domestic violence.
Survivor Care Program/Emergency Services
M.A.D. USA’s Survivor Care Program was developed to assist survivors of domestic violence. M.A.D. helps survivors by providing furniture for those survivors that are starting a new life and needing assistance. We can assist with moving and providing furniture, finding and securing a home (through our partners). The program also has a Survivor Support Group Meeting so survivors can discuss their feelings and fears. Also, there is an Emergency Service Program designed to help domestic violence survivors in need of a place to stay for the night, provide a bus ticket, or help in any way needed until proper care can be provided.
Preparing the Next Generation (High School Forum)
The Program focuses on educating high school boys and girls on domestic violence and teen dating violence. The forum is made up of a panel of males and female speakers. The forum is split into groups by gender to get a two-way perspective. The groups complete the discussion through the Q&A technique.
Family Advocacy Program (Counseling)
M.A.D. USA understands that domestic violence can cause more than physical scars and can have an effect on more than just the parents; therefore, we have individual counseling for adults and children. Also group family counseling to help your family express and resolve issues.